Resilience. Balance. Equanimity.

The research is piling up…Yoga Therapy’s whole-person approach to wellness is taking an important seat at the table with more traditional approaches to healing.

Using the tools of yoga therapy, you can release stress, calm anxiety, lighten the weight of depression, sleep better, and improve your overall quality of life.

If you have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or pelvic floor pain…yoga therapy can help.

Specializing in women’s health, including:


  • Traumalearn to reshape your response to triggers so that you can get your life back, and regain a feeling of safety in your body

  • Anxiety/depressioncalm the nervous system and experience freer breathing, a sense of resilience, and restored balance

  • Menopause-bring comfort, cooling, and balance back to your system during this life transition

  • Pelvic floor dysfunction-find greater awareness to strengthen, stretch and/or release the pelvic floor


In my experience working with clients, I’ve seen that yoga’s whole-person approach impacts multiple body systems. Each individual’s combination of symptoms and experiences are as unique as their fingerprint. This is why yoga can be so effective – simple tools that have a ripple effect on different aspects of the person.


What People Are Saying

“I was struggling with work and life stressors-causing me shoulder and neck tension-when I found Nancy online.  I set up an appointment to meet with her.  During our first meeting she really took the time to listen to my story, understand where my stress was coming from, and how it was affecting me physically.  During our time together over the next several weeks, she put several things into practice-but for me, what was most instrumental was her instruction of breath and breathing.  To this day, I still use those techniques to relax.”


“I would highly recommend yoga therapy with Nancy. She does an incredible job of making you feel comfortable during your sessions. Her yoga therapy helped me to get more in touch with my body and be able to work through anxiety when it arises. I have more tools to help me not only work through feelings of panic, but also to feel calmer and more peaceful overall.”